School ready 2022

Fresh Vision Optometrists Everton Park - School ready 2022

Is your child commencing Year 7 or Year 10 in 2022?

Now is the time to book an eye test!

With the transition from primary to secondary, your Year 7 child will notice an increase in homework, study and device usage. Are their eyes up to the task? Having a thorough eye test before they start Year 7 will help give them the best opportunity for successful learning. We know that a significant amount of learning is visual, which means if your child has an undetected vision problem, their learning will most likely be affected.

Equally, the move to Year 10 and into senior schooling will be another jump in learning for your child. Senior years bring more indepth study and larger assignments which in turn brings longer hours of visual attention. Having your child’s eyes tested will help detect any issues and if needed, assist them through this challenging phase.

Book your child an eye test today.

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