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Screening the health of your eyes from front to back

Diabetic eye examinations will screen the health of your eyes from front to back. All types of diabetes can affect the delicate blood vessels at the back of the eyes.

Diabetic eye disease is the most common cause of low vision and blindness in working-aged people in Australia. It is important that everyone with diabetes have their eyes regularly and thoroughly examined. If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, book a comprehensive eye exam right away. Then, you should be visiting your optometrist every one to two years.

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The diabetic eye examination

A diabetic eye examination involves dilating the pupil (or widening the window in your eye) with drops and carefully examining all structures of the eye. We’re especially checking for possible damage to the retina.

Your eyes will be photographed and an OCT scan of the back of your eye may be recommended. We will then develop a plan to reduce the risk of, or progression of, eye disease. You may also need a referral to an ophthalmologist if significant diabetic eye disease is already present which may reduce your vision for treatment.

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