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Relieve relentless dry, sore and irritated eyes with latest non-invasive technology

Dry eye is a chronic condition that can be debilitating. Becoming more prevalent with an aging population and increased screen and computer use, relief is at hand with modern Dry Eye therapy. Fresh Vision Optometrists has invested in a new technology, clinically proven to reduce the symptoms and severity of chronic Dry Eye.


Dry Eye affects 20% of the Australian adult population

Dry Eye is a common eye disease that has a number two primary causes: eyes are not producing enough tears and the tears are poor quality and evaporate too quickly, causing discomfort. Our latest therapy device treats both varieties of dry eye.

The Rexon Dry Eye Treatment is offered in the Optometrists rooms, is non-invasive and takes just 20 minutes per treatment. Patients have reported noticeable improvement in dry eye symptoms after the first treatment, though between four and six treatments is recommended for optimum benefit.

Dry Eye Treatment costs as little as $100 per session at Fresh Vision Optometrists. Book your initial Dry Eye consultation today and experience the relief of modern Dry Eye Treatment.



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