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When Is It Time to Come in for an Eye Test in Brisbane?

When is it time for an eye test in Brisbane? Whether you are struggling with an eye-related problem of your own or wondering how best to set up your children for a lifetime of healthy vision, a thorough eye exam may be in order. At Fresh Vision Optometrists, we can help you with any vision-related questions or concerns you may have.


Purpose of a routine eye examination

For patients with no risk factors for significant eye disease, routine eye examinations will involve asking questions about:

  • The clarity of your vision
  • Whether you currently or have ever worn spectacles or contact lenses and
  • When you have had problems with your eyes in the past
  • Your general health and any family history of eye problems.

It is also important to know about what activities you take part in day to day, especially how much computer / tablet / phone work you do and any hobbies or sports you might be involved in.

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Components of an eye examination

The actual examination has many components including:

  • Measuring your level of vision
  • Measuring any defocus your eyes may have both in the far distance and up close
  • Looking for any eye turns or co-ordination issues
  • Measuring you side vision
  • Checking the health of the front and back of your eyes, with or without pupil dilating drops
  • Ocular photography
  • Measuring your eye pressure
  • Developing a plan to improve your sight (if necessary) and any action you can take to reduce your risk for future eye disease

This is not an exhaustive list and not every test will be done at every eye examination. We tailor your examination to your specific needs and risk factors for future eye problems.

Tips Regarding Your Next Eye Exam in Brisbane

If you aren’t sure whether you’re due for an eye check in Brisbane, consider these rules of thumb for children and adults:

  • Kids. Routine eye exams are essential for children for several reasons. For one thing, the eyes are growing and developing at this age, similar to the rest of the body. For another, much of the learning that happens for school-aged children is reliant on vision. If your child has difficulty seeing, it can impact their education and overall mental development. Typically, optometry experts recommend that children have their first eye exams at the age of six months. From there, it is advisable to have a return examination a few years later (usually when the child is three years old), and then a third appointment when they reach school age. If an eye doctor detects vision problems in the child, they may recommend more frequent eye exams. For kids who don’t have vision problems or risk factors, eye exams every two years or so should be enough after that school-age appointment.
  • Adults. You should continue scheduling an eye exam in Brisbane every two years throughout most of your adult life. Waiting too long between appointments can risk letting a vision problem go undiagnosed or untreated for longer, thereby allowing it to do more damage. At the same time, annual appointments aren’t really necessary for adults with healthy vision—at least until you reach your 60s. At that point, having exams every year is advised, as many eye/vision conditions are age-related and are therefore much more common at this age.

Of course, if you are experiencing any vision or eye symptoms—pain in one or both eyes, chronically dry eyes, blurry vision, a noticeable decline in vision quality—you should schedule an eye test as soon as possible.

What Sets Fresh Vision Optometrists Apart Regarding an Eye Test in Brisbane?

Why should you choose Fresh Vision Optometrists for your next vision test in Brisbane? Here are a few of the factors that set us apart as an optometry office.

  • Our experience and longevity. For more than 30 years, patients in need of an eye examination in Everton Park have been able to come to Fresh Vision Optometrists for the service. Our current owner and optometrist, Brett, has been practising optometry for nearly 20 years.
  • Our focus on patient relationships. We want you to feel comfortable coming back to us for routine appointments, or for any vision-related questions you might have. To instil that sense of confidence and trust, we focus intensely on our patient relationships. Currently, Brett is the only optometrist in our office, which means he works closely with patients on each visit. With us, you’ll never have one optometrist on your first visit only to work with someone else the next time you stop in.
  • Our range of services. In addition to routine eye exams, we can also perform glaucoma screenings, diabetic eye examinations, macular degeneration screenings, fitting for glasses and contact lenses, and more. We are particularly experienced with matters of children’s vision.
glaucoma screening at fresh vision Optometrist Everton Park

For patients at risk of eye diseases such as Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD) or glaucoma (for reasons such as family history, age or the appearance of your eyes) other tests may be necessary.

Additional Testing

Automated perimetry is an accurate mapping of the eye sensitivity and is commonly used for the detection and manage of glaucoma as well as some neurological diseases affecting the visual system.

Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT): An OCT is a specialised piece of equipment that is specifically designed to measure the thickness of transparent tissue (usually the light detecting tissue at the back of your eye, your retina, but also the window at the front of your eye, the cornea). It has become invaluable in the detection and management of glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease and many other eye problems.

Visual Fields Testing

A visual fields test measures the strength of your peripheral vision. That is, your vision to the sides, above and below your area of focus. This test can be conducted by the optometrists or by our trained staff, and usually takes around 3-5 minutes per eye.

Why Trust Fresh Vision Optometrists with Your Eye Check in Brisbane?

At Fresh Vision Optometrists, we want our patients to be vigilant about their eye health. By putting you at ease with our experience, skill, knowledge, range of services and friendly, approachable treatment style, we make it easier to keep up with your routine eye exam schedule. Contact us today to schedule a check-up.

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