Sport ready 2022

Fresh Vision Optometrists Everton Park - Sport ready 2022

Is your child’s vision ready for sport this year?

With the new year comes new sporting seasons. Is your child’s vision up to the task? Poor vision can impact on your child’s ability to successfully participate in sport, particularly sports that require hand-eye co-oridination, depth perception and spatial awareness. Having a eye test can help detect issues that could hinder your child’s sporting performance and confidence.

Common signs that a vision problem is impacting your child’s sporting performance are:

  • Dislikes team sports or a diminished interest in sports
  • Difficulty catching or throwing
  • Inability to see the ball clearly
  • Struggles to track the ball or other players
  • Over or under estimates distances
  • Poor sports performance even with strong athletic skills
  • Improvement is not noticed even with practice
  • Difficulty remembering plays
  • Clumsy with objects
  • Tripping or falling over frequently

Book an eye test and give your child the best chance at performing well in their sporting endeavours.


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