The Contact Lens is King

The Contact Lens is King

At Fresh Vision we love contact lenses! Our principal optometrist, Brett Jenkinson has tremendous experience in fitting contact lenses, especially for people with unusual eye conditions.

Here at Fresh Vision Optometrists, we like to think of ourselves as the go-to people for contact lenses. ALL types of contact lenses, and there are more than you think:

Soft lenses

  • Daily
  • Fortnightly
  • Monthly
  • Extended wear – you can sleep in these ones!

Hard lenses

(Rigid Gas Permeable or RGP)

  • Single vision
  • Multifocal
  • Keratoconus lenses – if you have Keratoconus, you’ll know it
  • Orthokeratology lenses – these ones are really cool, read on …

There has been a big change in contact lens technology over the past few years, meaning now that almost anyone who wears spectacles could wear contact lenses.

So, what type of lenses are there and what do they do.

Soft Disposable Lenses

These are the mainstay of contact lenses these days. You can think of them either in terms of how often do you change them (typically either monthly, fortnightly or daily) or what they do optically:
Spherical lenses to correct long or short sightedness
Toric lenses to correct astigmatism (that’s the eyeball shaped like a football instead of a soccer ball)
Multifocal lenses for patients over 40 years who need help with reading and in the distance

The big changes over the past few years have been around the material that the contact lens is made out of and the optical performance of lenses, especially multifocal lenses.

With materials, there has been a big shift towards daily disposable lenses: these lenses have slightly lower complication rates, meaning they are healthier for your eyes and because they are changed daily, the comfort does not deteriorate over time like monthly or fortnightly lenses.

Contact lens discomfort is a big cause of people giving up on them and reverting to glasses. A lot of work has gone into making these lenses remain hydrated and more comfortable and therefore be more comfortable during the day.

Orthok Lenses

As for those Orthokeratology or OrthoK lenses we mentioned earlier, well hold onto your hat. OrthoK lenses are small, hard lenses that you wear while you sleep. Overnight they reshape the front of your eye to allow your vision to focus clearly during the day WITHOUT LENSES! Shazam!

OrthoK is a brilliant solution for:

  • Swimmers, surfers and watersporters
  • Anyone who works in a dusty environment (tradies, miners, gardeners)
  • Anyone who is in-and-out of the car all day and doesn’t want to swap glasses constantly

There are limitations for OrthoK, as people with higher prescriptions generally aren’t suited. But if you have a prescription between about +2.00 and -6.00 and want to ditch your glasses, these are awesome. Just ask our Operations Manager, Carmen. She’s been loving them for almost 10 years.

You may also have seen some really cutting edge technology where contact lenses are made to check blood glucose, check eye pressure: not something you would use every day but good to know that there are some really smart people working on contact lenses!

Contacts are our favourites at Fresh Vision Optometrists!
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