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At Fresh Vision by Davey & Associates Optometrists,
we welcome all new patients.

If you are new to Fresh Vision by Davey & Associates Optometrists, you can save time by downloading and completing the below New Patient Form and bringing it with you to your appointment.

New Patients Form (Adults)


New Patients Form


Appointments – what to expect

At Fresh Vision by Davey & Associates Optometrists, you can expect a comprehensive eye examination. That means that your initial appointment with us will be last about an hour as we examine every part of your eye from front to back.

We use cutting-edge technology to complete these exams so we can have a clear view of the deepest recesses of your eyes.

At Fresh Vision by Davey & Associates Optometrists  we’re not just completing a quick ‘sight test’. We are looking at the overall health of your eye AND your vision. If further testing is needed, a subsequent appointment may be necessary.

Children’s consultations may be different

Children’s eye tests are different from those for adults. We use specially designed charts that allow children to recognise shapes or pictures rather than the traditional charts that you may be familiar with. This means that we can test children’s eyes even if they are unable to read.

In the early years, vision helps them find out about the world around them. Later, as they go through school, their eyesight lets them learn and discover – in fact, about 80% of what is taught in schools is presented visually. Being able to see clearly is therefore incredibly important in your child’s overall development.

At Fresh Vision by Davey and Associates we can detect and manage a variety of conditions in children including turned eyes, lazy eyes and reading and focusing difficulties.

What to bring

  • Medicare Card: Please bring your Medicare card. Also bring a debit card so that we can deposit your Medicare rebate into your account and save you the trip to a Medicare office. This card doesn’t have to be linked to your registered Medicare account.
  • Health Fund Card: Bring your private health fund card so we can process your rebate on the spot when purchasing glasses or contact lenses.
  • Concession Cards: If you have a health care card or any concession cards, please bring them along too.
  • Glasses & Contacts: If you currently wear glasses, sunglasses or contact lenses, it will be helpful for us to review these as well.
  • Child’s Eye-test Results: For your child’s appointment if they have had any other testing completed (i.e. teachers, paediatrician, other specialists) please bring the reports with you.

Fees at Davey & Associates Optometrists

The fee for a comprehensive eye test is $90.00. This amount includes a full check of the health of the eye as well as a prescription for glasses or contacts. Read more about your comprehensive eye exam in components of an examination.

Medicare will rebate a portion of your fee, and, just like at your doctors, we are able to process your Medicare claim on the spot for you

If you are a concession card holder the fee for a comprehensive eye test is $69. Your Medicare claim will be processed on the spot and the rebate goes back into your account in approximately 24 hours.

We have on site an optical coherence tomography (OCT) machine which is the same equipment Ophthalmologists use to look into the back of your eye. If this test is necessary at Fresh Vision by Davey & Associates Optometrists we charge just $60.

For patients with complex corneal conditions and contact lens wearers, we have expert equipment including a corneal topographer.

This allows the optometrist to create a map of the front surface of your eyes for precise contact lens fittings.

Contact Lens Fees:

Contact lenses are a great lifestyle choice for active people of all ages.

Corneal topography is included in contact lens consultation fees which are as below:

  • Contact Lens Fitting Fee (includes fitting, teach and aftercare appointments): $200
  • OrthoK contact lenses, price on application

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