Why Choose Us

Maroochydore Optometrists Fresh Vision by Davey & Associates - Why Choose Us

Our attitude

Too many of us take our vision and eye health for granted.

We tend to wait until we feel there is something wrong before we act. Our commitment is to protect your most precious sense to a high standard of care.  At Fresh Vision by Davey and Associates Optometrists, we are dedicated to the health and wellbeing of your eyes.

We want to make a difference to our patients’ vision outcomes so you experience healthy vision over a lifetime. We have invested many years in education, the finest eye care technology and the prescribing quality eyewear products, to deliver a level of personalised eye care you can trust.

We are proudly local and independent which means having the freedom to centre your eye care journey around you and your individual set of eyes. It enables us to carefully select quality frames and optical lenses that meet your individual needs so that you can see well and look great.

Our experience

Over 40 years in operation.

Fresh Vision by Davey and Associates Optometrists was established in February 1976. Yes, that’s over 40 years in operation and we have treated over 50,000 individual patients during this time.

Our strength lies in the quality and experience of our staff and their ability to help with life’s varied visual and optical needs. From work to sport and all other aspects of today’s busy lifestyles – we care for vision for life! We keep up to date with the latest technology in frame, lens and contact lens design.

Our services

Our patients are our top priority.

We are an all inclusive eye care facility that offers patients many different pathways to address their eye and vision needs with the latest and most advanced eye care procedures.

Often people are unsure of what they require or what is best for their eyes to maximize their vision. We are here to help you through this process. After your consultation with our optometrist, we will recommend you the best lenses for your prescription and guide you through the process of selecting frames to suit your lifestyle, your face shape and your budget. In addition, our staff are skilled in frame adjustments and repairs.

At Fresh Vision by Davey and Associates Optometrists, your visit is more than just a prescription check. We have extensive experience in dry eye treatment, myopia control, vision for computers, keratoconus and orthokeratology. We specialize in eye health, contacts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, focussing ability (Presbyopia) and diabetic retinopathy. Check out our eyecare information page for a full overview of common eye conditions.

Our community

We personally patronize and support other local businesses.

Coastal vibes, relaxed lifestyle, and situated in paradise, we could not think of a more beautiful place to work. We are proud to be an established fixture in the Sunshine Coast community, many of our patients have been regularly attending our practice for 20 or 30 years. We personally patronize and support other local businesses, believing that staying local promotes a great sense of community. Additionally, we are a proud sponsor of the Sunshine Coast Tri Academy.

Giving Back

Fresh Vision by Davey and Associates Optometrists proudly supports the Lions Club’s Recycle for Sight program. Patients can donate their old glasses to this program via our practice and those glasses are graded, collated and shipped all around the world to developing countries where people can’t readily access eye care or spectacles.

We believe in supporting charitable foundations and are regular and proud sponsors of the Maroochydore Surf Club, Wish List and Life Flight, Team Adem Leukemia Foundation and Matthew Flinders Anglican College.

Our Leading Brands