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Comprehensive Eye Examination

Purpose of a comprehensive eye examination

For patients with no risk factors for significant eye disease, routine eye examinations will involve asking questions about:

  • The clarity of your vision
  • Whether you currently or have ever worn spectacles or contact lenses
  • When you have had problems with your eyes in the past
  • Your general health and any family history of eye problems.

It is also important to know about what activities you take part in day to day, especially how much computer / tablet / phone work you do and any hobbies or sports you might be involved in.

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Components of an examination

The actual examination has many components including:

  • Measuring your level of vision
  • Measuring any defocus your eyes may have both in the far distance and up close
  • Looking for any eye turns or co-ordination issues
  • Measuring your side vision
  • Checking the health of the front and back of your eyes, with or without pupil dilating drops
  • Ocular photography
  • Measuring your eye pressure
  • Developing a plan to improve your sight (if necessary) and any action you can take to reduce your risk for future eye disease.

This is not an exhaustive list and not every test will be done at every eye examination. We tailor your examination to your specific needs and risk factors for future eye problems.

Children’s Eye Examination

Children experiencing vision problems are more likely to experience learning difficulties which can impact their growth and development in the classroom as well as their behaviour.

Our optometrists work closely with children to identify any gaps in their visual system by testing and improving their eye movement skills, visual spatial skills, visual memory and analysis, visual motor integration and auditory skills.

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