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At Fresh Vision by Davey and Associates Optometrists we love
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Contact Lenses

Our optometrists have tremendous experience in fitting contact lenses, especially for people with unusual eye conditions.

Here at Davey and Associates Optometrists, we like to think of ourselves as the go-to people for contact lenses. ALL types of contact lenses, and there are more than you think.

  • Daily Disposables Contact Lenses
  • Fortnightly Contact Lenses
  • Monthly Contact Lenses
  • Extended Wear Contact Lenses
  • Custom Contact Lenses
  • Contact Lenses for Astigmatism
  • Bifocal Contact Lenses
  • Multifocal Contact Lenses
  • Coloured Contact Lenses

Ortho K Lenses

Ortho K lenses are a revolution in the world of clear vision. In complete contrast to regular contact lenses, you wear Ortho K lenses while you sleep. During sleep the ortho-K reshaping lens rests gently on the surface of the eye supported by a thin film of tear fluid. The lens generates positive (pushing) and negative (pulling) forces in the tear film responsible for creating the new corneal shape.

When you wake up, these lenses will have done their work to help you improve your sight. If you work in dusty environments, are active in sports, or enjoy hiking, then these lenses are helpful to reduce the risk of losing your glasses or contacts while engaged in activities.

Ortho-K is arguably the treatment of choice for suitable children with progressive myopia (short-sightedness). Age is not a key determinant of suitability. In cases where the child is not yet ready to learn to manage the contact lenses themselves, we can teach parents to aid in the process until the child is more confident.

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Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Contact Lenses

Rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses are used to treat Keratoconus. These lenses not only correct the vision but also afford excellent health, however they can be prone to ejection and prone to foreign particles. They also have an adaptation period which some patients may struggle to get through. However, once patients have passed this adaptation period, they usually have few problems.

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