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Sunglasses are so crucial, we’ll give you 20% off just so you’ll buy them

Our eyes are 5 times more vulnerable to sun damage than our skin! We believe that sunglasses are so crucial to avoid preventable – possibly deadly – eye disease, that we’re offering 20% off all prescription sunglasses this February. 

So there’s no excuse!  Look after yourself with fashionable and functional UV protection for your eyes.  Read on.

Sunglasses at Fresh Vision Optometrists

Everyone in Australia would be keenly aware of the need to protect your skin from our sun’s harmful UV rays.  Your eyes are no different.  UV radiation can cause long term harm to your eyes just like it can to your skin.

The delicate skin of your eyelids can get skin cancers just like skin on the rest of your body.  Other diseases associated with UV radiation include:

  • Pterygium: a fleshy like growth on the cornea (the clear window in front of the coloured part of the eye) which may require surgery to remove
  • Cataract: the clouding of the lens of the eye
  • Macular degeneration: damage to the delicate part of your retina that looks after your fine detailed central vision.  Macular degeneration (MD) is the leading cause of legal blindness in Australia

So just like wearing sunscreen, its important to protect your eyes from the sun with sunglasses.

All sunglasses sold in Australia must meet Australian Standards.  There are 4 categories of sunglasses in this standard.  For adequate UV protection, choose either category 2 or 3.

If you need glasses to see clearly in the distance, you can get your prescription ground into sunglasses so that you have sun protection as well as clear vision.

With sunglasses, there are 2 ways to darken a lens.  One is to dye the lens in a tint bath, the other is to use a polarising filter.  Polarising filters cut down more glare that a dyed lens and is Fresh Vision’s recommended sunglass option.

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