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A Fresh Perspective on Eye Care

As your local, independent optometrists, we are dedicated to providing exceptional eye care services beyond the ordinary. At Fresh Vision Optometrists, your vision is not just another appointment to us; we consider it a precious gift that we're dedicated to preserving and enhancing. With our comprehensive range of services and personalised approach, we're here to make sure your eyes receive the care they deserve

Your Unique Path to Clear Sight in Everton Park and Maroochydore

Just as your eyes are unique, so is your journey with us. Stepping into our eye clinic, you’re not merely a patient; engaging with you goes beyond being a duty — it’s our passion. Rushed appointments? Not at our practice. Our friendly local optometrists take the time to delve into your specific needs, lifestyle and concerns, ensuring that every aspect of your eye health receives attention.

Reliability and loyalty are the foundations of our service, proven by the small yet meaningful gestures, like remembering your name and the details that matter to you. From the first encounter to the moment you leave our practice, we deliver a full circle of exceptional care. Your vision, your journey and your unique story are all embraced within our personalised approach.

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Fresh Vision Optometrists’s Eye Care Services

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Routine eye tests are essential for maintaining optimal eye health. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and techniques, our optometrists delve into your vision and the overall health of your eyes. This enables us to identify potential concerns, offering tailored solutions that cater to individuals of all ages.

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In a world where screens are a constant presence, myopia (nearsightedness) is on the rise. Our myopia control services focus on more than just corrective lenses. We work closely with parents to develop a treatment plan to slow the progression of myopia and protect your child's long-term vision.

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Migraines can often be linked to light sensitivity. Avulux® lenses are clinically proven to relieve migraines by filtering out specific wavelengths of light. If you suffer from migraines, schedule an appointment at Fresh Vision Optometrists to determine if Avulux® lenses are right for you.

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If you're experiencing discomfort due to dry, itchy, or irritated eyes, we're here to help. With cutting-edge technology, we identify the underlying causes of your dry eye symptoms and develop a personalised treatment plan to provide relief and improve your overall eye comfort.