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Female Doctor Holding Glasses

Elevate Every Moment with Premium Prescription Glasses

Are you looking to restore clear, precise vision? Fresh Vision Optometrists provides top-notch prescription glasses that match your unique optical needs. Whether you require reading glasses, multifocal options, or custom coatings, we're here to deliver optimal comfort and clarity.

Book An Eye Test

Navigating the Journey to Your Perfect Optical Prescription

Our skilled optometrists will conduct a thorough eye examination, assessing your optical needs and understanding your lifestyle requirements. This in-depth understanding allows us to craft prescription lenses that seamlessly match your vision needs and activities, ensuring you enjoy optimal clarity in every aspect of life. Our collection features a wide range of frames that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. Whether you’re seeking prescription glasses for work, leisure, or specific occasions, our commitment to personalised care means we will guide you through the entire process.

Clear Vision at Every Distance With Bifocal and Multifocal Glasses

As our vision evolves with age, we often need clear sight at multiple distances. Bifocal and multifocal lenses have long been a dependable solution for this challenge. Bifocal lenses feature two distinct viewing areas, while multifocal lenses provide clear vision at near intermediate and far distances. Say goodbye to distractions and hello to a more streamlined, clear and comfortable view of the world. Experience the freedom of seamless vision with Fresh Vision Optometrists’ range of bifocal and multifocal glasses.

High-Index and Aspheric Lenses for Strong Prescriptions

Have you ever wondered how individuals with strong prescriptions avoid the “Coke bottle” effect in their glasses? The solution lies in high-index and aspheric lenses, revolutionary options that deliver thinner, lighter and more attractive eyewear. High-index lenses ensure clear vision for higher prescriptions while maintaining a lightweight design. Aspheric lenses feature a flatter, sleeker profile than traditional spherical lenses. Our optometrists will walk you through the advantages of high index and aspheric lenses, assisting you in finding prescription glasses that suit your unique requirements.